Friday, August 29, 2014

Our First Week!

Happy Friday! Phew! We made it!  It's been a busy week, and a great one!

We've spent much of our time teambuilding and getting to know one another. Building trust and having them know this is a safe environment is essential for a great year of learning ahead. A few activities to ask them about:

3, 2, 1...check in! A way to take a pulse on the morning
Town Meeting
Blocks and switching
WOW time
3, 2, 1...Blast off!

If they are having a little trouble explaining it all to you, be patient. It's all new (or things have changed up a bit). It's a skill to be able to communicate these details, and also sometimes hard to remember. Some of the prompts you can use: When you did _____ activity, what did you do?   What is you favorite part of _____activity?

As these become more part of the daily routine, they will open up more and remember more. As they do, talk about the purposes of them as well, and how they feel. We will explain these to you at Back to School Night, but we wanted the kids to have the opportunity to teach you first. :)

As a way for them to reflect and solidify their learning (and help them with talking points), we have what is called the 3,2,1 Blast Off Notebooks. They will come home every Friday, and it is a part of weekend homework. The homework entails sitting down together, their sharing it with you and talking, and then your initials on the top of the Friday page. Look through the pages before to see what the rest of the week was like. Please do this tonight with them, and we have told them this is something to do together -- they shouldn't just hand it to you to read. :)

Speaking of Back to School Night, it's September 11th. We will meet first with Dr. Schneider at 6:50-7:10, and then we three teachers will join you there for our presentation from 7:15-8:00 pm.

Scholastic forms were sent home today. If you are interested in ordering, please click the blue box on the right that says Scholastic Reading Club. E-mail Mrs. Blake if you have any questions.

Finally, we did a lot of preparing Notebooks and materials so that we can jump in with both feet first thing Tuesday.

Thanks for being consistent with signing agendas nightly and getting these kiddos to school on time!

Enjoy your extra day off!

Jewellyn, Jennifer, and Kim

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blasting Off into a Great Year!

We've officially launched into our new year together! Today was filled with smiles, sharing ideas, a bit of silliness, and lots of fun.

After we discovered our book surprises, we played some games to get to know each other.

Then we flexed some teambuilding muscles with a Space Station Challenge. We saw some great examples of what teamwork in the SBLC should look like!

And here comes the silliness: the entire SBLC--including the teachers--participated in the Tooty Ta! It's become one of our most treasured traditions.

Looking forward to making more memories with these spectacular kiddos!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Fun!

Happy Summer, SBLC families! We hope you've enjoyed these first few weeks of vacation.

Before we ended our school year, the super SBLC students came up with some ideas for Summer Choice Activities. Of course, it's summer, so these are optional...but if you'd like to choose a few (or more) to complete, go for it! You could even start a summer journal to keep everything together. We'd love to see yours when we meet again in August. :)

Here are YOUR awesome ideas:

*Make a chart to record how you're active and eating healthy every day.
*Take or find pictures of different insect life cycles and name the stages and body parts.
*Make a diagram of your favorite video game, including a picture/drawing and the rules of how to play it.
*Write an exaggerated version of your vacation, then write the real version!
*Create a Venn diagram to compare/contrast two or more activities you did this summer (rides at Schlitterbahn, for example). 
*Try something new--a new stroke in swimming, a new flavor of ice cream, a new camp--and write about the experience.
*Measure the pool temperature over time and do something fun with your data (graph it, find the difference, compare it to the outdoor temperature...).
*Choose an animal to research and make a presentation about it.
*Record the amount of time you do an activity (how many minutes you swim, for example) and make a graph with the data.
*Learn about different states and their capitals, especially if you travel there!
*Write a narrative about an activity you did.
*Find facts about our solar system or part of it that interests you: the planets, stars, comets, or the future of space exploration.
*Record all of the physical activities you complete in one week.

Looking for more summer fun? You could create a Random Acts of Kindness list, or go here to print the one below. 

Staying busy AND helping others?!? Sounds like the SBLC to us! Whatever your summer plans include, be safe...have fun...go play! :)

Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Forrest & Ms. Reiman

p.s. Want an Olaf coloring page like the photo in the beginning of the post? Click here to get a printable version!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inventor Scavenger Hunt

Use the links below to discover some important information about inventors. Read ALL directions and give your best effort! :)

1. What is an invention?

2. Thomas Edison

3. Wright Brothers 

4. Steel Plow

5. Cotton Gin

6. Benjamin Franklin

7. Levi Strauss

When you have completed your scavenger hunt, you may explore the links on the post below!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spacing Out

Hello, astronomers!

There are some cool things happening in the sky this week! We have a meteor shower, a rare chance to see Mercury, and our moon snuggling up to Venus. See the link below for more info. :)

Use the link below to compare and contrast the rotations and orbits of the planets in our solar system.

Then use the link below to observe our planets in orbit and learn more about their features and characteristics.

Enjoy exploring our universe!

photo courtesy of National Geographic

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vocabulary Parade!

third grade vo*cab*u*lar*y pa*rade noun
: event in which students display a collection of words
: event in which third grade SBLC students exhibit maximum creativity