Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Fun!

Happy Summer, SBLC families! We hope you've enjoyed these first few weeks of vacation.

Before we ended our school year, the super SBLC students came up with some ideas for Summer Choice Activities. Of course, it's summer, so these are optional...but if you'd like to choose a few (or more) to complete, go for it! You could even start a summer journal to keep everything together. We'd love to see yours when we meet again in August. :)

Here are YOUR awesome ideas:

*Make a chart to record how you're active and eating healthy every day.
*Take or find pictures of different insect life cycles and name the stages and body parts.
*Make a diagram of your favorite video game, including a picture/drawing and the rules of how to play it.
*Write an exaggerated version of your vacation, then write the real version!
*Create a Venn diagram to compare/contrast two or more activities you did this summer (rides at Schlitterbahn, for example). 
*Try something new--a new stroke in swimming, a new flavor of ice cream, a new camp--and write about the experience.
*Measure the pool temperature over time and do something fun with your data (graph it, find the difference, compare it to the outdoor temperature...).
*Choose an animal to research and make a presentation about it.
*Record the amount of time you do an activity (how many minutes you swim, for example) and make a graph with the data.
*Learn about different states and their capitals, especially if you travel there!
*Write a narrative about an activity you did.
*Find facts about our solar system or part of it that interests you: the planets, stars, comets, or the future of space exploration.
*Record all of the physical activities you complete in one week.

Looking for more summer fun? You could create a Random Acts of Kindness list, or go here to print the one below. 

Staying busy AND helping others?!? Sounds like the SBLC to us! Whatever your summer plans include, be safe...have fun...go play! :)

Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Forrest & Ms. Reiman

p.s. Want an Olaf coloring page like the photo in the beginning of the post? Click here to get a printable version!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inventor Scavenger Hunt

Use the links below to discover some important information about inventors. Read ALL directions and give your best effort! :)

1. What is an invention?

2. Thomas Edison

3. Wright Brothers 

4. Steel Plow

5. Cotton Gin

6. Benjamin Franklin

7. Levi Strauss

When you have completed your scavenger hunt, you may explore the links on the post below!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spacing Out

Hello, astronomers!

There are some cool things happening in the sky this week! We have a meteor shower, a rare chance to see Mercury, and our moon snuggling up to Venus. See the link below for more info. :)

Use the link below to compare and contrast the rotations and orbits of the planets in our solar system.

Then use the link below to observe our planets in orbit and learn more about their features and characteristics.

Enjoy exploring our universe!

photo courtesy of National Geographic

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vocabulary Parade!

third grade vo*cab*u*lar*y pa*rade noun
: event in which students display a collection of words
: event in which third grade SBLC students exhibit maximum creativity


Second Graders, Expert Entomologists

After our life cycle unit and a visit to the Austin Nature and Science Center, our second graders are expert entomologists!

We learned about--and even touched--some arthropods.

We discovered that the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach had something in common with our caterpillars: spiracles! That's how they make their hissing sound.

We collected, identified, and classified organisms from both water and land habitats.

Here are our entomologists in action!



We loved learning that while all insects have three body parts, antennae, and an exoskeleton, they have different types of mouths depending on what they eat. 

An exciting day as entomologists!

Mission: San Antonio!

Examining Texas cultural history? Check! Observing artifacts and models? Check! Gaining understanding and appreciation of life long ago? Check! Our day of hands-on social studies was exciting and informative.

We learned about the difficult life of a sharecropper, how the fruits of their labor were turned into thread using a spindle, and how the thread was dyed and used to create clothes on a loom. Amazing!

We saw firsthand what various aspects of life were like in early settlements, including learning in the one-room schoolhouse. Consequences have changed a bit since then (no debits and credits in those days, just switches and dunce caps) but the concept of multi-age learning didn't seem to phase us too much. ;)

Then it was off to Mission San Jose, where we caught a glimpse of what life was like for both Spanish missionaries and the Native Americans who worked there.

We packed a lot of learning into our day, although the students might tell you their favorite part was the charter bus. Admittedly, it was pretty fun, especially during our whole-class Don't Break the Chain game!

Mission San Jose and Institute of Texan Cultures accomplished!