Wednesday, February 25, 2015

President Cyberhunt

Hello, second & third grade citizens!

Use the link below to learn more about our Presidents, their role, and responsibilities.

Question 3 link below:

Question 9 link below:

If you get finished, please leave a comment to share the fact that was most interesting to you.
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Wow! This week flew!

This week we had the opportunity to use our flexibility muscle by adjusting our schedule. Starting on a Tuesday was one thing, but in addition, 3rd and 4th grade had two days of benchmark testing too! We are all so proud of the hard work and effort they put into each minute of their tests. Second grade had two special days with Mrs. Blake, and accomplished some grade level specific TEKS. They also created some stage decorations for their upcoming play, Bugs on Parade.

More play info to come, but mark your calendars for the evening show on March 5th at 6:30pm and the school performance March 6th at 8:45am.

All the grades are showing what tremendous readers and writers they are. They are developing theories and talking about our books -- during recess, lunch, and after school!!! They continue to develop their written communication, showing how they connect with their world through stories they choose and write. We look forward to getting back to our normal routines soon!

On Friday, many of our 3rd and 4th graders attended the Bluebonnet Celebration for completing 8 of the Bluebonnet Books. We found out that The Day the Crayons Quit was the Texas winner in the voting, and Odette's Secrets was Kiker's favorite. We competed as teams to answer questions from the books, and we were rewarded with a pair of Skittles when we were right!

We also had one of our favorite activities, Breakfast and the Paper! Nothing better than starting the day with some delicious treats and nonfiction text!

In math we all enjoyed doing fraction this week. Fourth and third graders compared fractions and second graders found equal parts.

Scholastic flyers went home today. Please send any orders to Mrs. Blake by Wednesday or use the link on the top right of the blog to order online.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Your SBLC Teaching Team

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Moving Right Along...

We're moving right along into February!

In science, we completed our Force and Motion Unit. To reinforce our learning and celebrate the end of the unit, we applied our knowledge of force with a little marshmallow catapulting. 

We conducted an experiment to see how the height of the fulcrum affects the distance of a catapulted object. Needless to say, collecting our data was pretty fun and exciting!


A perfect day for some outdoor classroom time!

In reading, second grade is well into their fourth section, and we are drawing things together. We have noticed that Billy is growing in confidence, and becoming a young man who believes in himself and his capabilities. It's so exciting to discuss chapter books as they are coming together and we can see what the character's true struggle is...

Third grade finished Rain Reign (so sad to have it end)! We responded to the book as a whole, reflecting on the major changes that Rose has experienced. Ann Martin's work inspired us to look at our own lives and see others' perspectives, to develop empathy, and with that, grow connections.

Fourth grade has been fast and furiously writing, and, MAN! they are good writers! We examined some mentor texts from our own classmates, learning how we too, can incorporate ideas from others' styles. Our book is taking some twists and turns, and we are sitting on the edges of our seats while learning more about WWII.

Fourth graders are still having fun with fractions. They learned how to change a mixed number into an improper fraction. Third graders worked with patterns in tables and used a multiplicarion table to find unknown factors or products. We also started our unit on fractions. Second graders are learning about fractions too. We talked about halves, fourths, eights, and a whole.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

February is Here!

This week, our schedule was a bit jumbled due to 4th Grade Benchmarks. In true SBLC fashion, however, we were all flexible and worked hard to squeeze every moment in. Second Grade began their new section, "Sister," in Billy Miller. We hustled through spelling and writing centers as well! Third Grade read a few chapters farther in Rain Reign, and have been fast proving that Rose's struggle is maturing, and she's growing in that area each day. Fourth Grade worked tirelessly this week! They took the opportunity to show what they know in writing and did a great job on the Benchmarks. I know we are all looking forward to getting back to normal next week though!

We began our Force & Motion unit in science. We started out with week with a scavenger hunt to identify the numerous pushing and pulling forces around our school. We have some pretty observant scientists!

After our initial introduction, we spent the rest of the week exploring, defining, and investigating force. We discovered that magnets produce pushing and pulling forces with a fun pencil experiment.

We deepened our understanding of friction's force by creating our pulley system. Being the scientists that we are, we made predictions first: how many marbles would it take to raise a cup with 25mL of water?

We tried lifting the water twice, once without a pulley and once with.

Our pulley allowed for us to lift the water using almost half as many marbles. Take that, friction!

In math the fourth graders are still working with fractions. They wrote fractions as an equivalent fraction in simplest form. We did this by finding the common factors and dividing. We also highlighted all the prime numbers on a 100's chart. Third graders learned addition and subtraction strategies. We also talked about number patterns and tesselations. We made our own cool tesselations. Second graders practiced adding and subtracting 100 more or less. We also practiced problem solving with addition and subtraction. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Force Websurf

Hello, scientists! Use the websites below to understand more about force, motion, and energy.

Remember to read the directions and ALL information on the sites.

When you are finished, leave a comment about something that surprised you. Remember to check spelling, capitals, and punctuation before you publish your comment!

2nd & 3rd grade
Part I: Friction

Part II: How Pulleys Work

Part III: Forces in Action

4th grade

Part I: Forces

Part II: Parkworld Plot

Part III: Friction

Friday, January 30, 2015

Last Week in January!

This week, we switched up our groups and are learning Power Point in our Project Block. To create the slides, we are using our knowledge of summarizing fiction with a picture book related to acceptance. The students used CSERT to analyze the book, and are now putting that information on slides piece by piece. It will be exciting to see how using technology brings new energy to our learning!

Each grade level has had some challenging sessions in ELA and reading! Second Graders have reached the midway point of our chapter book, The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes. With the volume of events that occur each chapter, finding the character's main struggle is more difficult! We have de-constructed and analyzed each part to see a clearer picture. There were quite a few "ahas!"
Third Graders have been mesmerized by Rain Reign, and we have discussed, analyzed, and theorized about Rose's struggle. We discovered the climax of the story, and are now seeing how the end fourth of the book is all a part of the resolution. Amazing thinking in that group! Similarly, Fourth Grade was faced with analyzing a model narrative by Lois Lowry. It took lots of discussion, but the awareness of how a piece is crafted was phenomenal. They are seeing it from a different perspective, which means they aren't just memorizing "what a narrative needs," but actually HOW to CRAFT a piece.

We culminated our energy unit with some fun and engaging review games (ala Hedbanz and Heads Up).  Then we wrote to show our understanding by explaining where we see energy in our daily lives, how it transforms, and which forms we feel are most important and why.

Monthly homework came in and we enjoyed sharing the wonderful things there.

In math fourth graders learned how to use models to make equivalent fractions. We also used multiplication to find equivalent fractions. Third graders learned strategies for solving division story problems. Second graders worked with even and odd numbers and told how they are different. We also used place value to find 10 more or 10 less than a number.

Forecasts call for a rainy weekend, stay safe and enjoy!