Friday, August 28, 2015

Fabulous First Week!

Welcome to the SBLC Blog 2015-2106 school year! We have had an incredibly busy week getting to know each other, learning procedures, and becoming experts on our classroom expectations (see the "proud-of-our-awesome-effort" poses above).  We spent much of this week teambuilding and cultivating a community of learners. This is going to provide an essential strong foundation to what happens all year long. Building those relationships establishes trust, bolsters confidence, and increases motivation.

We are slowly introducing routines, especially switching blocks and movement. We want students to feel secure in knowing the process, so that when they have to, they come into Blocks (core subjects) ready to learn and concentrating on instruction, rather than feeling rushed/confused.

Thanks for your support by getting them here to school each day on time – rested and ready! It’s great to hear them say, “I got up extra early today to make sure I had plenty of time!”

A few important details:
*Please sign your child’s agenda each night – look through the goals of the day, and ask them to tell you a bit about them. One of our goals is that they become good communicators!
*Back to School Night is September 10 – SBLC is scheduled from 7-7:45pm. We will have lots of information that night, and we enjoy seeing all our parents there!
*Scholastic orders can be placed online (you can click on the Scholastic box on the right side of this page) or with the form sent home today (please send orders in to Mrs. Blake if not submitting online).
*In addition to being a learning resource and lesson platform for our kiddos, we will be using this blog to post helpful articles we find and information links sharing research behind why we design the SBLC the way it is.

Enjoy some glimpses of our week!

The SBLC Team

Friday, May 29, 2015

It May Be Raining Outside, But We're Sunshine Indoors!

This week we've enjoyed finalizing many projects that we've been diligently working on over the past few weeks. Will Hoard commented, "I am proud to have finished all these fun projects." Great job, everyone!

We've been talking a lot about "being in the moment" and enjoying each and every day together of these last few weeks. As Gavin pointed out, "I'm grateful for TODAY!"

This month's homework was so much fun to share! We loved revealing and discussing the contents of our time capsules, presenting our SBLC brochures, and connecting to one another with our mindfulness narratives.

Language Arts
Each grade level had the opportunity to share their Book Partnership book shares. We've got some new ideas for summer reading, thanks to our friends' reviews. As Ava S. mentioned, "We presented about The Magic Finger and it was really fun." She also has taken to heart our positive critique and drafting sessions in that she points out what they could have done to improve, "we could use pencil first, not pen, so there would be fewer mistakes." Fabulous thinking for future work!

Science & Social Studies
Second and third graders spent the week learning about landforms, created riddles to share using landform features and characteristics, and even created their own island! We've certainly got a creative group!

We also compared water levels of Austin lakes and rivers at the interactive site below. Pretty amazing!

Fourth grade delved into Texas history. Through primary and secondary sources, we were able to understand the details of Texas revolution and independence. We learned some pretty fascinating details about the battles that shaped our Texas spirit: the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto.

Fourth graders worked on their tree growth projects and shared them with the class at the end of the week.

Third graders finished their projects on annual rainfall and lake level.

Second grade finished their projects on Texas insets that have fours stages in their life cycle.

Third graders had fun at their indoor picnic today. Then we headed outside to enjoy some sunshine.

Have a great weekend!
The SBLC Team